About Blue Mountain Wolves

How we came to be, and our philosophy on rescue and education

About The Sanctuary

Blue Mountain Wolves is located among 21 wooded acres on the beautiful Olympic Peninsula in Washington state. Nestled in the trees, only a quarter mile outside the Olympic National Park, you will find our sanctuary. This is a forever home to wolfdogs of all content levels, and a place that encourages reconnection to the natural world. Through observation, interaction and education, we promote conservation of wild wolves and their habitat as well as responsible wolfdog ownership.

Our Creation Story

Blue Mountain Wolves Sanctuary was created by founders Jonathan and Ashley. Ever since these two were young children, Jon and Ashley have been highly intrigued by wolves. This fascination continued into adulthood and led both of them to getting wolfdog puppies from the same litter. Matoskah and Lakota were these two pups, and the reason Jon and Ashley found each other. With their shared passion for wolves and wolfdogs, they decided to make it their life’s work to rescue as many as they could and educate as much as possible on the breed in an attempt to minimize the number of displaced wolfdogs needing rescuing. It has been a long and challenging 5 year journey, but Blue Mountain Wolves Sanctuary is now a reality with visions of major expansion in the future.

Our Approach to Rescue

Wolfdogs are highly intelligent and athletic animals. In the wild, wolves can travel as far as 30 miles a day in search of food, and can reach running speeds as high as 45 miles per hour. We believe it is very important to the overall well-being of these animals that they are provided with enclosures that allow them to run at full speed, chase each other over and around natural environmental objects and have the natural stimulation provided by a large and diverse habitat. Because we have limited space here at the sanctuary, we have made the conscious decision to limit the number of animals we have in order to provide the best possible living situation for those animals. It is our goal for each of our wolfdog pairs to have 1-3 acre enclosures. 

Our Philosophy on Education

We believe that in order for people to want to help something, they first must understand and have compassion for it. Wolves and wolfdogs are one of the most misunderstood animals on the planet.  Hollywood movies depict them as ferocious killers. Children’s story books cast them as villains. People have been programed to fear wolves for centuries, and this fear has been passed down from generation to generation. Education on the reality of these magnificent animals is key to transforming the wolf from the villain to the hero. We have found that when people can see and experience these animals for what they truly are, their perspectives on them change. They go from fearing them to understanding and loving them.

Future Goals

Although we are thrilled with what we have managed to accomplish thus far, we want to do more. We want to expand the sanctuary and be able to rescue more animals. This however, will require more land for the sanctuary. We have the goal to one day purchase 150+ acres. This will allow us to provide forever homes to 40+ wolfdogs as well as possibly add other species to our rescue program. 

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